Junior year of high school I purchased 2 Falcons for $250 plus 12hrs of labor. They had been sitting in a field for the last 9 years and the floors had rusted to the point where about 40% was missing and you could see straight through to the ground. The Blue one had a 170cc engine with an automatic transmission and the Red one was a 144cc  manual. I used the body, frame, and transmission from the red with the engine and fenders from the blue. I completely rebuilt the engine in the garage with my dad. The 3 speed transmission I rebuild in the manual drive trains class I took from DSC in high school. All that is left is body work and paint. This project is currently on hold till I have the money to set aside to finish it.

Time Spent: ~140Hrs

Time Remain:~60-80

1962 Ford Falcon

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